About Us

I started making treats for my two boxers Jackie and Scooter when I noticed they kept getting skin irritations, hives, and gaining a little weight.

I started with all natural and organic ingredients with no preservatives. I noticed a substantial difference in my pets weight, and skin conditions, but there was still one more thing that was bothering Scooter. He kept getting an ear infection and his doctor told me it was a yeast infection. I decided to work with the recipe and try to make it without
wheat, the underlying cause of his ear infections.

After a lot of trial and error, I was able to come up with an all natural, 100% organic, gluten free treat that is not only healthy for your pet, but they love the taste too!

I have been making the treats since 1996, but only started the business in 2003 when my neighbors convinced me that people would buy them for their dogs. Bark Street Bakery was born!

Please also help us support animals in need. A % of our proceeds goes to Boxer Rescue, and another % of the proceeds goes to Humane Society of United States. 

- Sherri